There are many important factors has to why you would choose one home over another. Price, location, renovation, and so on. But how do your personal habits and daily routines change what type of home you would purchase? Your preferences may influence you to purchase a home that is across the country from where you originally thought you would end up.  

Here are some personal lifestyle decisions people have made and how it may affect your real estate search:

Parental Preferences

Children can cause a great deal of influence on where, what, and how you purchase a new home. For starters:

  • Schools– Eventually, kids will have to go to school and parents would like to give their students the best and greatest opportunities there is to offer. Choosing an area with a high rated school district can be vital to location destination.
  • Amount of Land– With more people in a home means more space is needed.
  • Backyard– Imagine having a swing set or a pool in your backyard for your kids or future kids to play in? Having a large or smaller backyard can dramatic change how you envision your children playing outside.
  • Neighborhood Appearance and Safety– Safety is a number one priority for most parents. Look at applications, such as Crime Reports, to see what trouble may or may not be happening in the neighborhood you are searching in.
  • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms– Again, with more people, comes more need for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is important to remember that you won’t always be able to keep a crib in your bedroom and when your little girl becomes a teenager? One more bathroom may prevent a lot of unnecessary morning rushes.

Pet Preferences

Having pet, especially BIG pets, or ones that don’t typically live inside your home can also make a difference on your real estate choices, consider the following:

  • Backyard and Fencing– Maybe your dog isn’t off-leash trained? Or your cat prefers to be outside? Having a backyard and whether it is fenced in is important to consider for some pet owners.
  • Amount of Land- If you have other pets, such as horses, chickens, or others animals that may not be in your home, it is vital to consider how much space these creatures may need. Maybe you were thinking about building a barn or having a chicken coop, this may influence whether you would want some acres on your land.
  • Flooring- Types of flooring handle pets in completely different ways. Long nails can cause harsh damage to natural wood floors and cat claws have a tendency to rip up carpeting. Unless you plan on replacing your home flooring right away, every couple of years, or do heavy monitoring and maintenance, it may be important to find the ideal flooring for the types of pets in your family.

Experiences vs Materials

Some people may consider themselves as those who would rather spend money on experiences rather than materials and vice versa. According to, Factors That Influence Home Buying, your preference influences the type of residence you purchase.

  • Age of Property- If you consider a home a material item, it would come to no surprise that the age of the home would greatly influence someone that prefers materials. More modern, newer homes who appeal to that lifestyle trait. Rather than people who enjoy experiences more may rather have an older home with character.
  • Exterior Style- Same goes for exterior styles. If you tend to put more emphasis on materials rather than experiences, the look of your home may feel more important than other considering factors.
  • Location- A home placed in the middle of downtown versus a remote ranch style house can feel very different for those of different lifestyle traits. Those whom enjoy experiences more, may consider living in a location that is vibrant with things to do. Others may consider a beautiful neighborhood may suit their preference.

An owner’s personality, lifestyle preferences, and values can greatly reflect their future home. Consider the location, age, and style of home before purchasing to ensure its where you would like to live. When you are ready to start your search, contact Tracy Kwapis to find your dream home in the Blue Ridge, Central, and North Georgia region:  (706) 851-3885 or email at