Quick Real Estate Sale in Georgia

Summer, a conventional time to list your house for a hot real estate season. But make no mistake that the holidays and winter season should also be considered a best time for sellers. With most sellers taking the more traditional route listing their home during the spring or season, listing your home during the winter season will present much less competition. If you also think about motivated, eager buyers that are looking for that ideal winter North Georgia mountain look, they will be ready to make an offer no matter the season.

But no seller wants to keep their house on the market for long, so how do you put yourself in a good position for a quick sale. Here are 10 tips that we found push a home to sell in no time and attract buyers to your home:

Curb Appeal

Prospective buyers will drive by your home and if they don’t before they visit, they will either visit the listing site or see it for the first time during a tour. The front of your home gives the first impression. It sets expectations. Break out that green thumb and add some flowers or place new sod. You may consider a new mailbox or painting the front door.

The Right Price

If you are okay with a slower sale, than the method of setting a high price and taking it down slowly may be right for you. But to sell quickly, you have to considered the highest activity point, which would be your first 30 days. If the price is too high, agents and buyers may not come near it and it may give the image that you are not willing to negotiate or not ready to part with your home.

Declutter and Depersonalize

When a prospective buyer comes into a home they envision to be their own some day, they are imagining photo of their family on the walls and their furniture in place of yours. They may even be envisioning their future retirement home in the mountains of North Georgia. So it is important to remove any personal items that can be seen within a home tour to give the buyer a picture of what their life would look like in your home. You may even want to give your home a larger look by removing excess items and furniture.


Unless a buyer is looking for a home to work on, or has a particular sense of style, nobody wants your 70s style wallpaper. Be sure to give your home a fresh set of paint on the interior and exterior walls. Some updated landscape and new fixtures can give your home a brand new look.


Homes are all built differently. There are rooms that may be placed in odd locations or may lack a purpose. If you are thinking you have rooms like this, give them a purpose. Stage them the way the room is suppose to be. If you are using what use to be a bedroom as a storage room, you may want to consider staging it as it role was suppose to be. If you are advertising that your home has 4 bedrooms, but you are only using 3 of them as a bedroom, your buyer may question as to why you aren’t using the home to its full potential or not envision it as you advertised it to be.

Be Flexible

Make the property easy to show. The more flexibility you are, the more people you can walk through your home. An average adult working a 9-5 will want to see a home early in the mornings, in the evenings, and on the weekends. Also consider leaving when prospective buyer is visiting your home. It would relieve any pressure they may feel about discussing the homes pros and cons. You don’t want your buyers feeling like intrudes.

Quality Photos

Most buyers these days will first visit the online listing. The photos of your home will be the first vision you are giving them. Quick pics from your cell phone will not do. This often gives the impression that you don’t care about selling your home or did not put the money into selling it. The photos you put online will decide whether someone will pursue to an actual tour, so you want to put your best foot forward.

Your Listing

Sure, they definitely want to read and look at photos of your home, but they also want to know about nearby recreation, schools, and lifestyle. You aren’t just selling your home, you are selling the neighborhood and community as well. Include photos and information about the town, dining, shopping, schools, and other community aspects.

Online Portals

Traditionally, this is included in an agents service, but it can’t hurt to double check to ensure your home is listed on the proper and popular online real estate portals. Portals, such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, are essential places. Showcasing your home on social media can also help broaden your audience to ensure that as many people as possible know that your home is for sale.


Dog dishes, cat litter boxes (hide it), and other pet paraphernalia, should be put away. You may even consider sending your fur babies to daycare to ensure they are not interrupting the tour. Some people are not animal fans or see issues with owning home with pet dander. You want to be sure you do not want to isolate your audience.


If you are looking to sell your home in North & Central Georgia this season contact Tracy Kwapis for your real estate needs. Tracy has over 15 years’ experience in the Real Estate market serving Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and North and Central Georgia. You can contact her by email tracy@tracykwapis.com to get your home listed today.